Mortadella is, essentially, what Americans might call 'bologna'. However, while American bologna is relegated to second-rate lunch meat status, Italian mortadella may be more closely related to American salami instead. The exact method of preparing mortadella, and thus the flavor of the finished meat, varies by region in Italy. Even if you hate bologna, mortadella is worth giving a try.

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Mortadella (16 pound)
Price: $94.99
 Mortdella. Price per 16lb approx.  Mortadella Parmacotto. A very finely ground pork sausage, perfectly spiced and dotted with cubes of pork fat this classic mortadella...
Nema Halal Beef Mortadella with Pepercorns 1lb
Price: $9.99 $13.99
 Nema Halal Beef Mortadella with Pepercorns 1lb
Volpi Mortadella - approx. 4 lb
Price: $22.95
 A product of Emilia Romagna, it was first made by monks who pounded pork into a mortar and then stuffed the mixture into natural casings to be cooked in bread ovens...
Mortadella Imported from Italy, Sliced by the Pound
Price: $12.99
 Mortadella is a cooked sausage made from pure pork. It is produced exclusively from high quality pork cuts. It is characterized by a unique and aromatic fragrance...
Nema Halal Beef Mortadella with Olives 1lb
Price: $9.99 $13.99
 Nema Halal Beef Mortadella with Olives 1lb
Saag's Beef Salami Sliced 6oz. Pkg
Price: $26.99
 Saag's Beef Salami sliced; pack of 4 - 6 ounce packages.
Plain Beef Mortadella - 1lb (454g)
Price: $14.69
 Plain Beef Mortadella - 1lb (454g)
Mortadella midgets, approx. 1lb
Price: $5.99
Saag's German Bologna Slices 8 Oz Pkg (Pack of 4)
Price: $27.95
 Quality cuts of lean pork and beef
Lovera's Olive Salad - 16oz
Price: $8.29
 A perfect balance of marinated vegetables that will please everyone. We've combined green and black olives, artichoke hearts, pickled carrots, celery, peppers,...
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